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Brother has a new Girlfriend. We will call her Brothers Girlfriend. She's not new to him, but she is new to the family, and we most cirtainly approve. They dated for a while when I was in England and I think they may have dted while I was still here before, but they broke up. They then realized that it was a mistake to break up, so they got back together. That's all I really have to say on that matter.
I was thinking about the whole dying by the time I'm 60 thing. It coll to have all my ailments solved, all those years of mystery to illness, is now solved. Yes it sucks, but it could also be quite good. I probably won't have to worry about weak bones or alzheimers! I won't have to worry about getting old or moving into a home. All those thing people worry about when they think about getting old, I won't....it's kinda cool!
I will however always be ill, and there is nothing they can do about it. That sucks, it doesn't exactly make me very appealing, but I think my mild self-proclaimed madness doesn't help either. I'm sure I'm not crazy, but it helps explain a lot. If I feel like doing a crazy ass move and don't feel like explaining myself I can just say I'm a little nuts.

~~On a COMPLETLY different note~~

Reviews of my friends play, which was preformed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

An excellent and fresh spoof on the JFK conspiracy theory. Dom's writing and Anna's music are a formidable combination and the songs are particularly well written and performed. The cast performs with great veuve and enthusiasm. Hugely entertaining. A MUST see.

By: Lynn Brookfield

WHERE were you the day Kennedy was shot? If, like me and the young cast of JFK: The Musical, you weren't even born then, this might seem like an odd question. But the assassination of the 35th president of the United States is an event that is still able to grip the public's imagination.
This show is an irreverent take on the events of that fateful day in November 1963. It is populated with a host of weird characters: two Russian spies dressed as a cowboy and Elvis; a nervous and insecure Lee Harvey Oswald; and some less-than-committed members of the presidential security team.
The production is a light, fluffy piece that pokes fun at the conspiracy theories that have grown up around the event. Opening with a chorus of "JFK has been blown away!" it certainly won't get you any closer to discovering what really happened. But that, of course, is not the point.
The players present us with an enthusiastic performance, and Jessica Clarke in particular has real poise and panache as both Jackie Kennedy and the ghost of Marilyn Monroe.

By: Chris Wilkinson

This is one of many new shows brought to the festival this year by this young group of budding performers, and there’s some strong talent behind this lightweight musical parody. In particular the music and lyrics which prove young Anna Mitchell is a very able musical director and has a great deal to offer in the future.
The action centres around the events leading up to that fateful moment in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on November 22nd 1963. Jessica Clark as Jacqueline Kennedy (and later as the ghost of Marilyn Monroe) shows off her fine vocal skill and notable acting ability as she pleads her husband not to go to Dallas.
There are no plain answers in the depths of this well examined mystery, and Z Theatre Company don’t proclaim to resolve any of these issues, but they adequately sing and dance there way through a number of the more salient points of interest. The tramps observed behind the fence on the grassy knoll, the KGB, Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA all feature and get their turn at further confusing the issue in this deliberate mystification of the day.
It’s an enjoyable romp, perhaps enjoyed mostly by their fellow members of Z Theatre Company in the audience who make their pleasure well known, almost to the point of distraction. There are a few truly bizarre moments too, it’s always difficult casting a show when there is only one male available – but there is something un-nervingly peculiar about the sight of a girl dressed as Elvis, sporting a huge moustache, an oversized quiffed wig, and conversing in a Russian accent.

By: Ian Phillips

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