Great news?

I was in conversation with my Dad yesterday at a car show in the North Shore. He told me *she* is coming back to Canada. I had once wished bad things upon her, and should I feel bad now? *She* almost dyed.
The story is:
*She* had a bad furnace in her house in England and suffered through Carbon Monoxide poisening. Apperently this started about 7 months ago, poisening her little by little for 3 months. When *she* fell into a coma, they put her in hospital where *she* stayed unconciencous for 2 weeks. *She* then stayed in the hospital for an additional 4 months. When *she* got out of the hospital *she* apperently decided that *she* had enough with England, and was coming home(a.k.a. Canada.)

Well that's the story, not that I really beleive it went down like that. I can't help but find a coorilation between my leaving the country and her coming back here. *She* usually plans everything *she* does....nothing *she* does is a mistake!! Nothing that happens to her happens by acciendet. I wouldn't put it by her that she got drunk one night and and for some reason hit the hell out of her furnace. Well maybe thats a little harsh, but still possible!

Just to give you all an idea of what I'm talking about:

>> Are your parents divorced, if not you probably have no idea where I'm comng from.

>> If they are, imagine the person who caused that...getting angry yet?

>> Next imagine your own father taking this person into his home after the divorce!They didn't get married, *she* was jsut staying in his basement, wierd or what?

>>*She* stays there for a while, then completly randomly decides to go to England?? What where did that come from?? Wait a minute you don't care!! *She's* GONE!!!!

>>Then you get a trip to England, and your only honest fear is that *she* is there, in the COUNTRY, because you know *she* would find you and try to make ridiculous small talk!

>>So when *she* says *she* is coming back to Canada are you happy or not?

..On the one hand *she* is not near you, no small talk..
..But on the other hand *she* is near your Dad again and there is absolutly nothing you can do!..

Well this is me completly confused, excited, annoyed and angry! Do you think I could jam any more emotions in there??


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