My brother just got back from army camp. He's different! Oh, don't worry he always been different! Jsut to give you an idea:
He is currently sitting in the living room, with a giant box over him, doing....something....on his computer! Huge box, just covering's a really big box, I mean he's 6"3' ish and I can just see a little of him through the edges. He's little in your face....litereally, and always smiling...yes that is a smile ( or at least building up to one, or in the middle of saying something unbelievable rude to me, or my friends.) He has this thing where he'll say "Your a .........(fill in noun here) " My mom hates it but I think it's great. Alex has things that he does and says, that are so origianally him, he could come up behind me anywhere in the world and say something that only he would say and I would know it was him! I would never think he was kidnapper, but I'd probably pretend I thought he was just so I could kick his ass and scream for help, maybe get him in trouble with 'officers of the law' from another country!! Well he is defiantly one of those people I'm going to miss my year away...he always make me feel better about my-self....'cause it's him!
Love you Alex!

BYE to all... ( 9 more days)

Word of the Day for Saturday August 27, 2005

descant \DES-kant\, noun:

1. (Music) (a) A melody or counterpoint sung above the plain song of the tenor. (b) The upper voice in part music.
2. A discourse or discussion on a theme.

\DES-kant; des-KANT; dis-\, intransitive verb:
1. (a) To sing or play a descant. (b) To sing.
2. To comment freely; to discourse at length.

That describes him a little too!

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