23 Day...My life is a countdown...

While this picture is actully from easter, this is what I'm going to miss most when I go away!I'm going to miss my family's get togethers, their famous! nwell maybe not famous....more likely infamous!
This picture really describes them to a tee! My cousin Helen, and I in the front...the life of the party...at least we like to think we are! My uncle John doing something else with a look on his face like he just ate his children! My mom in the back, a little confused about what's going on, but enjoying herself anyways and my brother Alex in the back....sent there by the shorter people...he is a giant in our family!
Incedently, on the phone is my cousin Tritan, so I guess we can say he's in there too! Tristan is the cousin in England. I plan to see him when I go there in the fall (well 23 days now!). I probably won't be able to see him right away as I'll be shooed off to Reading pretty much as soon as I get off the plane, and form there, sent right to my placement, but on my first break I fully intend to go visit him! I hope to pursude Erica(shown here posing with "The Flash") to meet me in London a few times if possible! Obviously we will be doing some big "Hoo Har" for her birthday! Well I think that's near all I have to say ight now, and I think I intergrated the pictures of peeple I know quite nicely into the Blo, without making it seem like I was jsut trying to use my new found "picture putting in" skills!

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