Create or die (or at the very least feel crappy)

Lately I've been feeling the desire to create.

It's always dangerous when I get into this state, because by the time I get around to sitting down with my glue gun, a little bit of glitter (okay a lot of glitter) and some kind of surface (be it fabric, paper or wall), the result is neither creative nor attractive.

It generally ends up looking like a dog ate a box of glitter, some pom-poms (where the fuck did those pom-poms come from?!) and a bird, and then projectile vomited it all up. My desire to create something beautiful and significant isn't satiated, and I have disgusting (albeit shiny) mess to clean up.

I have no doubt that my issue here is, in no small part, due to a lack of organization and appropriate inspiration, but here I remain, at a loss as to where to go next.

On my list right now is:

- A (creative) cork board (thanks Pinterest for ruining my ability to actually come up with my own unique and individual ideas)

- A man's shirt (I have the fabric, I have the book, and I even have the very oddly proportioned man (thanks Boy))

- Finish my winter coat (that I started 3 years ago, and never quite decided what I was going to do with the cuffs)

- Fix a particular dress that I have (It should be a simple fix, but it seems to be seriously eluding me)

- Make a bouquet of fabric flowers (No particular reason for this one, I've just been checking the out a lot on-line and they seem pretty cool. Plus Martha makes them seems so cool and clever, they really are a Good Thing!)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I think I'll start with an old vintage/antique looking picture frame, and the multiple squares of cork I found yesterday, and go from there. This may go badly (yet again), but at least this time I some direction (and some glitter!).

Wish me luck! Pictures of successes and likely failures to follow

          designing a life full of creativity and GLITTER!
                    Anna Felicity

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