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I subscribe to a lot of on-line shops newletters, and trend setting sites. And I mean A LOT!

Shoes, home décor, clothing, art, jewellery, nail polish, beauty tips, exercise routines, recipes (both good for you and deliciously bad for you), life hacks, health, yoga, even a few tech newletters, costumes and even a few historical societies.

More often than not, I read the subject of the e-mail and decide not to look into it, but today ModCloth caught my eye!

**I really like ModCloth, because I find their sizing charts quite accurate, which is helpful for a bustier girl like me, and they have some great policies on returns. A friend of mine once ordered a coat, and even though they sent her completely the wrong coat, she sent them a message about it, and they replied: "Sorry about that, we'll send you the right jacket right now, please feel free to do whatever you want with the jacket. She gave it to me, free coat!!**

I clicked on the e-mail and this was the first thing I saw! How freaking gorgeous is that?!?

I clicked on the link for the site, and the next thing that caught my eye, inspired me into the mood to make more dresses for fall! My frugal side of course took over, and I'm going to check out the sale section tonight. I'll keep you apprised of my decisions....

I may just end up buying something today, as I'm in a buying mood for fall.

I bought boots yesterday, they arrived in the mail today. I can't wait to try them on tonight! Pictures to come.

Update: The pictures of the boots as promised

The adorable tag they came with

Love the unexpected red zipper!

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                    Anna Felicity

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