Tim Tam Slam!!!

Today I was introduced to something rather AMAZING!

I’d like to say I’m not one to over exaggerate things, but that’s a lie... I over exaggerate EVERYTHING! I do for good reason of course, and that's because most things in life are pretty amazing! 

I’d rather have a life of simple joys, rather than waiting for the big moments to sweep me off my feet. Every moment in life can be ‘foot-sweeping’.

Today I was introduced to the ‘Tim Tam Slam’! Well to be fair, today I was introduced to Tim Tams, and then the Tim Tam Slam.

No one ever foretold a coffee this large!
It barely fit in the cup holders, and covered most of the radio!

Tim Tam’s are these very tasty and delicious cookies from Australia. They are described as the most indulgent chocolate biscuit, and they are not far from the truth! They forgot delicious, decedent, crunchy, sweet, tasty and amazing!!!

The cookie alone is pretty damn good, and while we only made it back to the car before we ripped open the package and took a bite, we still had to get our coffee (or in my case tea).

We headed to Timmy’s (well we took a very long and awkward route to get to the Tim Hortons) but we made it eventually, and we both had a free coffee or latte coming our way from Roll-up!

I figured since we had free drinks coming out way we may as well get the biggest size we could!!

Comparison to the size of my head!! Oh my!

Apparently in the Tea lattes you can only go up to Large, and not their new size, extra large. I however, quickly problem solved and simultaneously confused the Tim Hortons employees. Make the Large, with the machine and my tea, pour it into an extra large cup and top it off with hot water. It took a little extra explaining and few eye-rolls from the customers in line behind me, but I think I got the whole 9 outta my free drink! Plus I got the large cup (with a roll up rim!) and the size I wanted! Who says you can’t have it all?

The best part of the whole procedure... I won a free doughnut! (annoyingly spelled ‘donut’ on the rim! Isn't Tim Hortons Canadian-ish?)

Back to the Tim Tam Slam!

The Procedure:

Bite off opposite corners of the Tim Tam like so:

With one end in the drink (coffee or tea) suck up the drink through the ‘Tim Tam straw’ through the other end of the cookie, thus saturating the inner cookie goodness with the drink. As soon as you can taste the drink, flip the cookie into your mouth and enjoy the joy.

It’s delicious, crunchy, gooey and life altering.

I (the self proclaimed diabetes causing baker) could only handle about three before I could feel the sugar shakes coming on, and had to stop.

I don’t think I’ll ever look at tea and cookies the same way again!

designing a life more delicious
Anna Felicity

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