Hollywood Waves

I have recently become what I call a "Pinoholic".

I discovered Pinterest, and I'm hooked! (My account name is Anna Felicity, check it out!)

To that end, I finally actually tried something I saw and repinned on Pinterest!

I saw an instructional video from Birchbox on how to do simple Hollywood Waves, and here's the result:

It's not perfect, but it's a good start.

I washed my hair a few days ago*, so it wasn't holding a curls as much as I'd like. I used a little Waterless Shampoo from TRESemm√©, and lightly sprayed hairspray before and after curling. I let the curls completely cool before first pulling my fingers through, then the flat brush.

Overall the look is mostly achieved by pinning the 'lighter' side of the part very far back to give what the call the 'Veronica Lake' look. It's not a huge deal if the curls on the main side blend together or separate, I figure you just rock this look with confidence. (a little red lipstick of red (or coral) nails can't hurt either!)

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                    Anna Felicity

*No, washing my hair every few days isn't gross... you'd wash your hair every few days too if it took two hours to fully wash, de-tangle, condition, blow-dry, smooth, finish and curl! My other option is always to let it air dry (which I do in the summer), but that also takes at least two hours to fully dry, and considering the current average temperature outside is still around the 10 degrees Celsius mark, I'm not particularly inclined to do that either!)

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Michael said...

Anna! It's Calgary Mike! I'm super sorry for being awol for a while, but I'll try to stay in contact more often.

How've you been? Email me (m_theam@yahoo.com) or text me!