Falling behind, like I always do!

School: I got an e-mail from my German instructor saying my last day to withdraw from the course was last saturday. I got it too late and I can't now, but the reason he was suggesting it was because I currently have 50% in the class.
Oh God!
I am as usual not doing well in school. I never have ben much f an education keener, but I am actually putting in effort now, and it jsut knida sucks that I'm not doing well. My effort going in in pratically 100 fold in amount, because I have never worked in school and now I am!
I am also reading an entire book tonight and writing a report on it. The report is due tomorrow, and clearly have not learned from my previous mistakes....I'm just faster at reading now!
I don't mind that tonight I have to stay in and completly cut myself off from the world for at least 5 hours to write my report, because in my heart of heart I know I should get used to it. I'm not going to change, and I'm sure I will have many, many more nights of cramming and last minute writing!
I haven't been to my psychology or biology classes in a while and I went on Monday. There were about 40 (from the origianal 80) in my Psychology, and 12 ( from 25) in my Biology Class. I actually felt like a better student for going! LOL

Work: I don't have a job....need I say more? Well I just might! I have applyed for jobs and tomorrow I'll be following them up, so I guess it's not all as bad as I think.

Friends: Still good surprisingly! At laest I think their all good. What witht the school part not going....I really lose track of them all. I think I might have a party at some point, brng them all back around. Play some movies, have some music, could be good?

Family: Always good, I can always fall back on them! It's strange how close knit we are, wehn some people don't even talk to their cousins or know them? They really are all cool, and I realize they can be scary to new comers, but I just love them! They are intense, but oh so amusing

Lovelife: What lovelife? Although I think that is of my own doing.

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