I choose the twist ending

I choose "the miraculous twist at the end " because, I think we all wait for that and before we make it to that, we live our lives in the middle. When our lives become too much, we hold onto that ending with all our might, and believe as hard as we can that our wonderful, amazing, happily ever after ending is soon coming. The worst part is that we all know that the ending will never come. Not everyone is going to die in an amazing duel for the love of their lives. There simply aren't enought soulmates out there. Very few people die in a flourish of anything. Certainly a few people may die fighting for their country, or their true love and soul mate, but many more die alone, on a street corner in the cold, or in a bed in a home, their own true love gone many years before and they may not even remember their true loves, or their own name. Many die without a flourish, or a fireworks show, alone, with only the greatest mystery of all time awaiting them.

Do we create these amazing scenarios in our head to compensate for the fact that we really are afraid of what there is ahead of us? Nobody knows for sure what awaits us after death. That is the one constant of us all, that is what binds us together. Some people will have ideas about it. Some people will have beliefs about it. Some people will have true convictions about it, and be willing to kill because of those convictions. Kill for that unknown.

Do we simply create spectacular deaths in movies and in our minds as a way of looking forward to that one true constant?

I'm beginning to wonder why people fear death. It make as much sense to fear death as it does to fear gravity. It will happen, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Sure you don't know when it's going to happen, but you don't know as a baby whether you're going to fall on your ass today or not. You may never even know how you go, but it will happen, and you will go, so get over it, and enjoy the time you have RIGHT NOW, 'cause hey....you could die tomorrow.
Someone in the world will not wake up tomorrow morning, but don't mourn their deaths, it was always going to happen, it was just a surprise to you, right? You're not sad when you get surprised on your birhtday, right? So don't mourn saying they should have lived more, or you should have told them how you really felt.

I have an idea, tell them today, live today, never regret today.

How's that for a twist ending?

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