No title to commit to today...

So I found just exactly where I'm going for my GAP year, and to tell the truth, I'm on the fence. I mean I accepted and all but I'm not sure about the location and type of location? I'm 14 miles from Oxford, and 4 miles from Whitney. I'm in a SMALL village called Standlake. It has the school, a shop, a post office ( which is probably a counter in the shop) and a few pubs! Oh well, that is England for you, more pubs than anything else! it should be okay, but for now I really should be concentrating on studying for my exams instaed of thinking about next year. I have to make it to next year first!

Today has been a very non-commital day, I wish everyday could be like that. I can not be tied down to any one thing for too long! I go crazy! I'll go full out for one thing and then get bored and move on. It's been like with school before. I'll go all out for it for a while, and then I'll get bored and move onto something else and not concentrate on it for a while . It's the same way with relationships. I'll be like one person's best friend for a few weeks, and be practically ignoring the other people the whole time. Then I'll have my fill of the one person and want to move on....put another way, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM!!!...The only problem is with people thats a little more difficult, people tend to be more clingy! Most peopel aren't like me. They are okay with everyone all the time, but no-one seems to go to the extreme as me. I mean you'd get sick of someone as fast as I do too if you did the same as I do!!I mean I have a few friends who I could deal with all the time. There's Vanessa, Helen and Erica...yeah just 3 ( that's what a few is! ) but other then them, some people drive me crazy!!
I can not be committed, it's not in my nature!

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