labile \LAY-byl\ adjective:
1. Open to change; apt or likely to change; adaptable.
2. Constantly or readily undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown; unstable.

I really do like Even if I don't manage to find a situation everyday to use each word, it's still good to know I soppose. I do use the words sometimes in kindergarden and of course that makes me feel smart, but at the cost of feeling stupidly childish too...oh well it's fun anyway! Speaking of working with the kids, today I got to be in the pictures with the little kids, in their class pictures, and I got to be in the big school picture with them too! Wow do I ever look tall next to them!! Also, I got the e-mail from the GAP placement lady in England and she did find me a placement in England and I am uncirtain as to whether I want to accept the placement or not??

Here's the write-up on the school:

The Mulberry Bush is a therapeutic school providing care and education for boys and girls, aged 5 to 12, for 40 weeks of the year. The school aims to provide a balance between therapeutic work and school work. The children who attend the Mulberry Bush School are those with severe emotional damage due to the accumulation of adverse experiences in infancy and early childhood. Although these children are of average or above average intelligence, their experiences have left them with a high degree of distress, bewilderment, lack of trust, hope and without an adequate foundation on which to build a sense of self-worth. Many of our children have had difficulty in mainstream schools, and we see education as central in our work. Children are considered for placement at the School at the request of local authorities responsible for their education and welfare. In partnership with the family and with an actively involved referring authority, the School aims to equip each child with the personal, emotional, social and learning skills to cope in a family and in a local school and community.

To say the least it sounds a little extreme! However, my dads friend who has his degree in Psycology did make the good point that if I went there it would be an amazing experence, and would most cirtainly help me along my way to becoming a child psycologist. He also made the point that if I took notes on the different children when I was there (in the form of case note studies), I would then have at my disposal information on cases I was directly involved in. He said that I would probably have enough information for about 10 paper's in University. Also, the fact that the information would be self-collected makes it all the more impressive!

I think I am going to accept the placement, I just need to clear a few things up though. The town it's in sound amazing though:

Witney in Oxfordshire, world famous for its blankets, is a thriving market town with over 22,000 residents making it the largest town in West Oxfordshire. The town of Witney dates back to AD969, though there is some evidence of Iron Age and Roman settlements in the area. Witney offers all of the facilities you would expect to find in a town of its size. A varied shopping experience, Sainsburys out of town supermarket, pubs and restaurants, leisure facilities like Pirate Fitness, the Witney Lakes resort and the Windrush Leisure Centre, hotels like the Witney Four Pillars Hotel, a college (Abingdon and Witney College) even a Witney car auction. The town is expanding through ongoing property developement, notably the Madley Park development.

No matter where I end up I'll be happy just going there! Except for maybe the North...I don't know anyone up there, and I know one peson from there. She's alright, but she did leave...? Think aobut it! I'd still prefer not to go there!

Well I will leave you with this...
Here I stand
With pupose
With no where to go...
Here I stand
With limits at my doorstep, and purposelessness overwhelming
With somewhere to go...
Here I stand
On the fence, my balance uncirtain.

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