Ladner May Days Extravaganza

Vanessa and I were trying to think of Validvictory one liners to be said about Vanessa when she walks across the stage. We were reminded of Haley Beamish's :

After marrying a lumberjack Haley plans to become a self-made millionaire and travel around the world dropping bags of gold on third world countries from a hot air balloon.

*( or something to that affect)*

So for Vanessa we came up with the following options:

After graduation Vanessa plans to invade Point Roberts and start her own small country.

Vanessa plans to make the world a better place, one midget at a time.

*( take that one how you want!)*
- That one got us talking about the Cambodian Midgets that were killed by the lion......ewww!

After high school Vanessa plans to go to a finishing school in Vermont where she will learn useful skills that will become quite useful once she marries a millionaire.

There were others too but I don't remember them because I'm very dead right not actully but I did get a little bit of heat stroke from the sun today...I went to May Days and got a really really bad burn!! Oh well, live and learn...yeah right...I do this every year!


Jayson Wood is in Ladner. He's a really cool guy, and a good friend. I haven't seen him in a really long time, and the last time I did see him, it was qutie a big family there wasn't much time for catching up etc... but I saw him today, and hung out with him for quite a bit and talked...and it was good. I'm gonna be hanging out with him more...I want too!
A problem is though that he's going to be heading up country for the summer the day after my graduation, and getting back JUST in time to see me off at the airport.

Same with Alex...he got a training course for the summer in Alberta. He's going to learn how to drive stuff for the army...its a really good job! I can't remember when he leaves...but he gets back on like September 2nd...and I'm leaving on the 5th!! It's mom and I are going to be alone the whole summer!!Just us two!

Should be fun though!

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