I want to go back

Well the truth is I want to go back to my old school. I miss seeing my friends everyday, and I miss the grad events, I miss being able to sopport team Eria 2005. Tonight all the grade 12's are going to Winter Formal. They all got new dresses, and their getting their hair done, or they got new suits, and are completely excited about it. All I want to do is get dressed up and I can't. Tonight I'm gonna be sitting at home watching the O.C. and while that is a really great show, I could have just as easily recorded it and gone to my winter formal. That I would have been ok with! But, alas, no such luck for me, I don't get a winter formal, I get exams, and I don't get a new dress I get a fucking heart murmer! What the fuck is that, this is supposed to be the best year of my life so far, and it's not panning out as that. It's looking like it's gonna be a year of boredom and misery with a little school mixed in, oh joy!! I mean I am trying to look on the lighter side of things, like well at least my friends are having a good time, and while I guess the truth about friends is that you only ever want the best for them, sometimes I want to be a little selfish and have it all for my self. Sometimes I want MY winter formal, and sometimes I want MY grad and sometimes I want MY prom! Maybe I can think " well the new year is coming and high school isn't the end, its the beginning, but a lot of the time it just feels like a horrible continuation, like there's no way to get out of the endless loop, and no way to get out of the routine. God I need a boyfriend or something, something different! Either that or I need to get over myself and go take a shower!


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