I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

Last weekend P and I went to the Museum of Anthroplogy to check out their Layers of Influence: Unfolding Cloth Across Cultures exhibit.

The exhibit was fascinating, and the first display you read truly set you up to really take in the weight of what you were about to see, "From birth to death, humans are wrapped in cloth worn for survival, but more importantly, wear clothing as an external expression of their spiritual belief system, social status and political identity."

I would strongly suggest checking it out, but I might be a little textile biased.

The museum was closing at 4, allowing us plenty of time to go through the exhibit, take a quick peek through the permanent collection and do the obligatory once over of the museum gift shop.

I was so engrossed in all the displays and collection pieces, I only ended up taking a single picture. It was obviously a picture of this wicker motorcycle.

It begged the question, if I went to a museum but didn't post on social media, did I really go at all?

As we walked back to the car and started to discuss where we we wanted to go for dinner. The classics we always go to initially came to mind, but I wanted to bring occasion to the day and go somewhere we don't often frequent. Besides that, while I now know The Diner was open, we thought it was closed.

We headed down to West Broadway, past the McDonalds that is literally always under renovations, skipping by the only Swiss Chalet in Vancouver and made a beeline for Nuba. Much to our chagrin it was an hour long wait and we ended up at the Italian Garden, which was mediocre to say the least.

The caesar salad was delicious, but it's tasty homemade dressing and delicious fresh croutons were overshadowed by the fact that our mains arrived literally more than an hour after we had walked in the front door. There were two (yes only two) front of house staff and while we did arrive at 4:45 pm and there were only two other tables occupied, by the time we left, the two staff had eight 4 tops to take care of and their hustle was obviously in their other pair of pants. It took another half an hour to get their attention after we had been completely done our meals to ask for the bill, and another 10 minutes to actually get it.

I think their pizzas are something to reckoned with. I'll have to go back and try one of those out. I'm not one to judge on a single pasta dish alone.

I however, digress. The real highlight of the evening was happening across 720Sweets on the way back to the car! While I had neither cash nor my credit card on me at the time, I vowed to come back later in the week, and on Wednesday, I did just that!

When P and walked in on Saturday evening, before we knew about their particular payment options, I immediately noticed their 'smoking' ice cream.

Immediately, I knew this was a something I want to try, and knew it was something my lovely friend Aubree would be interested in. Always up for a culinary adventure or at least a new food or cafe experience, a very vague opening text later, we had plans made!

Initially we had planned to go on Tuesday, but Aubree actually did some google legwork (more than me) and found they were closed on Tuesday... random.

Plans already set for Tuesday, we made the perhaps unwise choice to meet up twice in one week for dessert. Tuesday found us at Cartems on Broadway, where I obviously had to sample the maple bacon doughnut and pair it with a classic salted caramel ice cream from Ernest ice cream.

Wednesday we actually met up at 1ish and had to wait 2 hours for 720Sweets to open. I was clearly blinded by my excitement for trying this ice cream and incapable of researching it all. Aubree really saved my bacon (pun intended) a few times on this 'smoking' ice cream adventure.

"A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand"
When they finally opened at 3, we were by no means the first people in there. After pursing the menu for a few minutes, and having to whittle our choices down based on broken machines and lack of supplies we both selected "The Classic", which was described as cereal milk flavour. It was topped with crumbled graham cracker and for some inexplicable reason, dyed a very light shade of blue.

The ice cream itself was tasty enough and the cereal milk flavour was actually pretty delicious. The experience however, of having the dry ice 'smoke' flow out of the sides of the cup brought me to a level of childish joy that can only be described as giddy. Sorry you had see that Aubree.

I'd say it's a 30/70 split between the cost of the ice cream itself and the experience.

In making our plans and precipitated by my very unclear text as to where I actually wanted to go, Aubree came across a few other interesting Ice Cream places and a list has been born. Here are just a few of the places I want to try and for the moment (I think), Aubree is up for the challenge:

Non-nitrogen ice cream shops that need to make list too:

My waistline will not be thanking me any time soon, but my taste buds sure will be!

Stay tuned for more confectionery and dessert adventures and a play by play of my perceived blood sugar levels.

And yes, in case you were wondering Aubree, yes I was listening to the Spotify playlist Dad Road Trip while writing this. It's a new favourite!

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