Fast Fashion - The cost, the trends and the pressure

I currently work in the 'fast fashion' industry. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay in this field my whole life (I strongly suspect not) but for now, it pays the bills and... I get the clothes at wholesale!

Even at a discounted rate, I can't help but think of the cost fast fashion has on our planet. Living in Vancouver, I and my contemporaries are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint we leave on the earth. The city as a whole has implemented a fairly comprehensive organic waste program, and the goal is to be the greenest city by 2020.
There seems to be an aspect we are either completely unaware of or are blatantly ignoring. This article gets into the stats and figures in more detail than I have to right now, but it brings up an interesting experiment.

Go one calendar year without buying any new clothing.

Coming from a girl who literally buys a new shirt or shoes every single week, this seemed like a very intriguing idea. As my 29th birthday approaches, I have decided to take on this challenge.

The rules:
1)     I'm not going to buy (or acquire) any clothing, accessories, shoes or any other kind of fashion ‘accoutrement’. This means no:
a.      Shoes (that’s going to be the hardest)
b.     Shirts, pants, jackets… anything! (I have enough!)
c.      Purses (I have a lot!)
d.     Jewellery (I have enough the last a lifetime!)
e.      Clothing swaps. They are for getting rid of clothing, not finding new clothing. Just because it doesn't cost me cold hard cash, doesn't mean it doesn't cost me.
2)     I won’t refuse gifts, I’m not a jerk!
3)     Over the course of the year, I will bring each type of article down to 10 each
a.      I’ll start with 10, and I’m still sure it won’t make a huge dent in my wardrobe
b.     If I’m not totally in love with it when I look at it, it’s goes!
c.      I’m sure the more emotional I get about it, the more garment types will get split up
                                                             i.      Leggings vs. pants vs. trousers vs . jeans…. Baby steps…

I will keep track of the how much I get rid of and report it occasionally. My biggest concern is that people will notice and comment, but I also suspect that's will be completely in my head! Let see how I do!

 designing a life, not a wardrobe

          Anna Felicity

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