Do you ever have those kind of dreams where it's like you've just woken up into one of the possibilities for your life. Often in those dreams it's like all the informaton that your questioning seems entirly inherient to the 'character' you, but the you, the one looking in on this life, has no idea what is going on.

Well I had a dream last night:

I woke up and I was in someones apartment, but I had no idea whos...and there was writing on the ceiling...I have no idea what it said, it was about 7am.
Then someone came in the door, and I freaked, and he was like:"What are you freaking out about? I just got home that's all."
"Oh okay" (Apperently this was okay?)
Well he took all the stuff outta his pockets, i.e. cell phone, wallet, keys etc. and went to go take a shower.
I was dozing in and out of sleep and his phone starts buzzing, and it falls off the table.
Now, in the dream I was apperently dating this guy, and in real life I wouldn't pry, I'm not insecure like that, but it fell off the table, so I just went to pick it up off the ground.
The call display said: "Tiffany is calling you"
I freaked out and threw the phone across the room (haha it's my dream I can do whatever I want!).
Well it eventually stopped ringing, and then the voicemail sound went off. Grrr...
A few minutes later the text message sound went off. At this point I'm PISSED!
I read the text, it said:
"Hey, if it all goes according to plan, be sure to call me. ;-)"
He finally comes out of the shower and I kinda threw the phone at his head. (I have surprisingly good aim in my dreams!) Right between the eyes.
It was actually kinda funny!
Then I started yelling about how I knew this would eventually happen, it just had to do with his line of work, and I never should have trusted someone like him.
Your basic rebutal followed:
First, it was I don't know what your talking about.
Then, it was "It was just some drunk girl who was hanging off me I guess."
And finally it was: Well I never would have asked you to move in with me six months ago if I didn't think I could control myself. You said you would always believe me, no matter what anyone else said, you said you would trust me like I trust you. I will always trust and love you.
Apperently in my dream this was the first time he had said the word love.
My character, so to speak, then questionsed:
"Did you just say you love me?"
"Yeah I did, and I didn't want to do this right after a fight, I was going to take you out to dinner tonight." He starts to get down on one knee. "But, I guess now is as good a time as any. Anna, Will you marry me?"
I'm in total shock, in my dream that is, but I suppose I would be in real life as well!
I manage to stammer out:
"So who's Tiffany?"
"Not Tiffany a girl, Tiffany's the jewellry store. Call them back if you want."
I leapt across the bedroom, and grabbed the phone (that I had just thrown at his head). He turns to sit on the ground at the edge of the bed, watching me as I make the phone call.
A mans voice answers
"Hello, Is this ........... or Anna?"
"This is Anna."
"Hi, this is Greg from Tiffany & Co., did you have any questions for us?"
"Is my boyfriend really asking me to marry him?"
"Yes, Anna, he is.""
Oh, what do you think I should say?"
At this point .......... drops his head into his hands and shakes his shoulders in a stiffled laugh.
Greg from Tiffany & Co. answers me: "Anna, I think you should say yes, ...........loves you very much, and truely wants to spend the rest of his life with you."
"Oh, okay."
"Any other questions?"
"No, I think I'm good."
"Okay well if you don't mind, we'd all love to meet you down here. Anytime you want to come by, just say the word."
I hang up the phone, smile at ............. and say:

Then I woke up.
I knida hope this one doesn't come true, like so many of my dreams do. That's a little too much drama for me!

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