To lift the mood...

I had a good day today!
I know, it's rare, but they do happen. I mean i genuinly good day!
I opened a bank account, and was helped by an alarming looking woman who looked like she had had more facelifts then the convict-got-off-pop-star-among-us! I was warned not to stare, but my Dog, a feat I found near impossible! Well I opened an account and now I am "officially saving"! I then had a grilled cheese sandwich and a rootbeer, and called it a day, retiring to my couch to watch a thrilledy (thriller/comedy) called "Shallow Grave"....and it was 'interesting'!
Well, I'm blabbing on (well not really, but its a polite way to say I'm fucking bored now and wanna do something else!) so I'll stop talking and let you all be!
...wait all who?...

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