And that's the way to cookies crumbles...

"It's always darkest before it's pitch BLACK!"
--Bruce Hargott...source: anon.

I know I'll look back on this time in my life (as in the month of June containing my 18th birthday), and laugh and cry and greatly reminisce...but right now I just want to get through it....June 30th will be a GOOD day! A very GOOD day!

GOODish days to come:
June 9th - My 18th Birthday
June 21st - My "Graduation"
June 29th - Last Exam...History :-s
June 30th - SDSS Grad...yea people!

BADish days to come:
June 6th - no explanation
June 9th - I won't REALLY get to celebrate my birthday!
June 22nd - English Exam, people going away
June 23rd - Math Exam (dear God help me!)
June 24th - Biology Exam
June 27th - Chemistry Exam
June 29th - History Exam
June 30th - SDSS Grad...and I'm not in it :-(

Wow, life is dandy! Splendiferous, I might even stretch to say! NOT! Oh well, at least I have a job, so I have money coming in...but it seems that as soon as you have money coming suddenly have all these expenses, and the money is going out again!!

All the best, lots of Luv

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