Conclave this year

ok so its a little late this year, it happened about two weekends ago, but I guess I had to let it all sink in. So last year I so totally threw myself at Aaron, and this year I completely through myself at someone else, and I'm kinda ...I don't know not regretting it, just I kinda wish I hadn't cuz now I'm completely estranged with Aaron, and I don't really want that to happen with nutty. But I told Nuttys friend at a party last Saturday, that at conclave, I was just bored and then Ryan, Nuttys friend, said that nutty was just bored to, so now we just sorta talk and that on msn but I'm not really interested anymore?...I'm actually more interested in someone else, some in close proximity to me right now(hint: look at the time marker)like he's sitting right across form me in the computer lab and his foot is on mine and that's really annoying because honestly I can't move me foot right now, the good one, he's on it, and its stuck lol.oh well, my screwed up life!!

footsies has got to be the stupidest thing in the world, when its under a table with a table cloth, then its ok, but when people do it under a table, like where everyone can see, it just look like they lost something up the pant leg of the other person, and basically looks stupid!!and sometimes, you can hurt your toe!

Torn...Broken...Damaged Goods

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