What to do on the long weekend...

Here we are already.
The Friday of a long weekend, and it completely snuck up on me. The little details of my life seem to have rolled together into one hugh mess of little things to do and all of a sudden it's Friday, I have the next 3 days off and my plans a mediocre at best.
While I am looking forward to Middle Child's birthday celebration, I feel that a hangover in this heat will be unpleasant. (For those of you who missed it, Vancouver has broken a few records in the past two days. An all time record high!! That's right folks, the past two days have been the hottest days in Vancouver... ever.)

Like I said, not the best situation for a hangover, but I digress.

Back to today, not breaking any records (yet), and the Friday before a long weekend.
At a loss for what to do, I decided to check out what movies are playing. Everyone knows, when it's hot outside, the best thing to do is sit in an air-conditioned theatre and ogle people making ou-- oh, I mean watch a movie!

I've seen "The Ugly Truth" and I think I would have enjoyed that one a bit more if I hadn't been in the fourth row! I never realized before, but Gerard Butler looks very rough around the edges from 5 feet away and 40 feet tall.

A co-worker suggested "District 9" and I rapidly looked it up only to find out that it doens't come out for two more weeks. My heart wept a little.
There was however, an upside to this ill fated IMDB search for District 9. I came across a movie I had long since forgotten about, but really loved when it first came out!
I am of course talking about "Banlieue 13" (eng. "District B13")

I immediately switched over the YouTube and found the Trailer and I was transported once again into a world where scaling buildings and jumping off of roofs was the norm. I once again found a place I was so intriged with back in 2004, and my fingertips started typing Parkour and Free Running and Street Running before I even conciously remebered what it was called.
I again saw the world where people could move any where. Stairs, elevators and even simple walkways no longer restricted them and I have to admit, I loved it!!
I loved it in 2004 and I love it now!

I hope you enjoy the links to the videos and I encourage you watch 'an oldie but a goodie' this long weekend and rest District B13. Not only are the stunts, chases and fight scenes amazing, but the story is actually pretty good too!

PS. Here's one more a friend sent me. Parkour and FreeRunning

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